I was working on this set last night and it isn’t an image that works well small because it’s a little bit busy but the thing that draws me to it is the detail and sharpness that my G9 provided. This doesn’t happen at every focal length and aperture but 25mm at f5.6 seems to provide it. The four smaller images in the set are crops from the larger top image. A higher res file of the top one can be seen here;


The G9 isn’t exactly a top of the line camera and today I received a wonderful message about my work and the camera I mostly use to create the images I post here. Back in my film days I used some high end equipment from 35mm up to 4×5 and I never really thought about what I was using to create images, my only thought was creating the best work I could with what I had in my hand/tripod at the time and exposing and developing it right.

All that said, never let your equipment be a limiting factor in the images you create, cameras are just a tool and craftsman/artists never blame their tools when the things they create go wrong. The person behind the camera is what really matters.