Something a little different from me

The two party system is broken.

“The Center for Responsive Politics estimates this election likely will cost $6 billion, shattering the previous record by more than $700 million, much of which is due to the massive increase in outside spending. “

SIX BILLION dollars spent this year on elections for jobs that, at best, pay 400k a year as in case of the president. A US Senator makes $174,000 a year yet the campaigns and outside donors of both Dems and Repubs for the MA. senate seat spent SEVENTY MILLION DOLLARS for that race. 

I have to wonder how many people went without medical care or a meal because corporations and political parties would rather waste money on advertising for a job only an idiot or a criminal would want instead of creating a job for people with that kind of money.

Six billion spent to get these jobs? Who is benefiting from this? It certainly isn’t you and me. Politics as a career needs to end, without career politicians money like this would be much better spent.

The parties would much rather spend time, energy and money fighting each other than working together to solve the problems the US has. Politics makes me sick.

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